Basmathi Rice  OR Japanese Rice

¥ 400

Steamed rice of basmathi or Japanese rice. (upon availability)

Chitranna (Lemon Rice)

¥ 1,200

Steamed rice flavored with lemon.

Jeera Pulao

¥ 1,200

Fried rice with cumin seed.


¥ 1,300

A Karnataka speciality, a fine blend of rice, spiced lentils and vegetables.

Vegetable Biriyani

¥ 1,300

A basmathi rice and mixed vegetable preparation with south Indian spices.

Kozhi Biriyani

¥ 1,500

A South style chicken and rice preparation with ground spices.

Mutton Biriyani

¥ 1,550

A special spiced mutton and rice preparation.

Prawn Biriyani

¥ 1,700

South Indian style curried rice with prawn.