Urad Vada (2 pieces)

¥ 600

Doughnuts of ground urad dal bean deep fried to golden color.

Masala Vada (2 pieces)

¥ 620

Deep fried lentil patties, served with chutney.

Assorted Bhajji (4 pieces)

¥ 600

Battered fried mix vegetables served with chutney.

Papad ( 3pieces)

¥ 300

Indian crispy made from bean flour.

Sambar Vada (2 pieces)

¥ 800

Deep fried lentil doughnuts dipped in sauce made with lentils & vegetables.

Cauliflower Manchurian

¥ 1,000

Florets of cauliflower coated with flour & stirred with Dakshin original paste.

Bangalore Chicken flakes

¥ 1,100

A speciality of Dakshin, julienne of chicken tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce.

Karaikudi Kozhi Chukka

¥ 1,150

Boneless cubes of chicken cooked dry with onion and chilies.

Chicken 65

¥ 900

Boneless pieces of chicken marinated and deep fried to perfection.

Pondicherry Mutton

¥ 1,250

Deep fried Lamb with marinated with spice and egg.

Hyderabad Chapa Vepudu

¥ 1,000

Fish marinated with spices and fried.

Dakshin Yera (5 pieces)

¥ 1,000

Prawns marinated in spicy masala and deep fried.

Guntur Vaenchina Mamsam

¥ 1,200

Boneless pieces of Lamb cooked dry with ginger, garlic and chettinad spices.

Prawn Chettinad

¥ 1,200

Prawn cooked with spices and onions.